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At Trucks & Moore, you’ll find truck wheels and tires for sale that are ready for whatever terrain you need to tackle. You may need to tow heavy loads over hundreds of miles of highway, or you may need to make it to off-road job sites every day, no matter what the weather is like.

Either way, the truck pros at our shop are the right folks to talk to in order to decide what tires and wheels are right for your situation. Tell us about your day to day and let us suggest the right equipment for your truck!

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Choosing the Right Wheels

When you’re selecting from among the many truck wheels and tires for sale in our shop, it’s critical to choose the wheels that are built for your truck’s typical work environment. You may need reinforced wheels that can take a beating from gravel and rocks, or wheels that will give you the best mileage and performance on streets.

truck tires
truck tires

Choosing the Right Tires

It’s easy to see why your tire selection is important. No one wants their powerful, great-looking truck left helpless on a muddy job site because it has the wrong tires installed! Using off-road tires on the highway wastes money in decreased fuel efficiency and also gives you less traction in wet road conditions, potentially leading to accidents.

One of the big advantages you get by working with our experts is understanding all the pros and cons of the different truck wheels and tires for sale. You might love the look of a certain tire, but are you going to waste money and risk safety in slippery road conditions if you install it?

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Wheel Specifics

Whether you’ve done quite a bit of research on the different truck wheels and tires for sale or whether you’re coming in with zero knowledge on the subject, you’ll learn a lot from our staff. Wheels, for example, come in a variety of metals and alloys, and each has its strengths.

  • Cast alloy wheels are preferred for road travel, as they are lightweight and help with fuel efficiency.
  • Steel wheels are much heavier, but if you’re planning on going off the beaten path, you’ll want their increased stability.
  • Forged alloy wheels are in between–a great choice for trucks that drive on a wide variety of surfaces.
truck tires
truck tires

Tire Specifics

Tire technology is absolutely fascinating, and there are always new models coming out that go beyond what’s been available so far. At Trucks & Moore, we keep up with the latest truck wheels and tires for sale, offering you the full range of options so that you can get the right tires for your truck. In general, you’re choosing between these tire categories:

  • Highway tires are engineered to give your truck the best performance possible over thousands of miles on the roadways. If you tow a camper across the country, haul trailers, or just drive a long distance to work and back every day, these tires are your best bet.
  • All-purpose tires give you good fuel efficiency and standard performance on the road, but they also have enough extra traction and toughness to take you onto gravel and dirt if needed.
  • Off-road tires include “max traction” and mud tires. These have lots of gaps between the treads and are intended to safely take your truck over the most punishing terrain. They’re great for recreational off-roading and unpaved work sites, but on the highway you’ll lose a lot of quality. Many people love the way off-road tires look and put them on their truck for that reason, not realizing how much they’re losing in terms of fuel efficiency and safety in wet road conditions.
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Talk Truck Tire Details With Us!

Thinking about specialty tires or wondering about the newest truck wheels and tires for sale on the market? Our guys are the professionals you want to talk to. They’re full of ideas, they know trucks, and they know our region of the country. Bring your truck in and consult with us, and don’t forget to schedule your oil change and maintenance check while you’re here.

truck tires


Don’t feel bad if you realize you have no idea how to figure out the size of your wheels! If you want to do some of your own research into the truck wheels and tires for sale, all you need to do is take a look at the sidewall of your currently installed tires. The last two digits in the string of letters and numbers on the tire indicate the diameter of the wheel in inches.

If you know your wheels have suffered damage, it’s critical to have a professional inspect them to see how serious that damage is. Cosmetic things like chips to the exterior of the wheel can be touched up, but if there is a crack in the wheel or other serious flaws, it could be dangerous to continue driving on it. Our experts will let you know their honest opinion on whether you need new wheels or just a minor repair job.

“P” stands for “passenger,” and it indicates that the tire is made for vehicles that carry mostly people–that is, trucks, vans, and cars that don’t typically haul heavy loads of cargo. “LT” stands for “light truck,” and the tire is intended for use on trucks that work harder than the average vehicle. You can usually put LT tires on a truck that originally had P tires with no problem.

There’s one very simple answer: bigger, knobbier tires are heavier, and it takes more fuel to move them down the road than lighter tires! In addition, though, off-road tires have a high degree of “rolling resistance.” This grip is great for rugged terrain, but on smooth roadways it forces your engine to work harder to move the tires.

That rolling resistance is a benefit in those situations where you have to stop quickly or turn a sharp corner. The more surface area the tire has in contact with the road, the better able you are to maneuver the truck reliably.

At Trucks & Moore, we offer a wide range of truck wheels and tires for sale, designed to meet various needs. Whether you’re towing heavy loads over long distances or navigating off-road job sites in any weather condition, we have the right options for you. Our inventory includes products suited for highway travel, off-road adventures, and everything in between. Talk to our truck pros to find the perfect match for your vehicle’s requirements.

Selecting the right truck wheels and tires for your situation starts with understanding your daily needs. At Trucks & Moore, our experienced professionals are here to guide you through the selection process. Whether you’re covering hundreds of miles on highways or facing the challenges of off-road job sites daily, we’ll suggest the best options for your specific needs. Share your day-to-day activities with us, and let us recommend the ideal truck wheels and tires for sale that match your truck’s demands.

Yes, at Trucks & Moore, we specialize in providing truck wheels and tires for sale that are suitable for any weather condition. Whether you’re facing sunny highways or muddy, off-road job sites, our selection includes options that ensure safety, durability, and performance. Our team of truck pros is ready to help you find tires and wheels that will keep you moving no matter what the weather throws at you. Let us know your requirements, and we’ll suggest the best solutions.

Choosing the right wheels involves considering your truck’s typical work environment. For rugged terrain involving gravel and rocks, reinforced wheels might be necessary, while wheels optimized for fuel efficiency and performance are better suited for street use. Our experts can help you navigate our extensive range of truck wheels and tires for sale to find the perfect match for your needs.

The right tire selection is crucial for ensuring your truck performs optimally under various conditions. Choosing the wrong tires can leave your truck struggling in off-road conditions or lead to decreased fuel efficiency and safety on the highway. Our team can guide you through the options to ensure you don’t waste money or compromise on safety.

Absolutely. One of the key benefits of working with our experts is gaining insight into the advantages and potential drawbacks of each option within our truck wheels and tires for sale. Whether it’s balancing aesthetics with functionality or comparing durability against performance, we’re here to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Our selection includes various metals and alloys, each with its strengths. Cast alloy wheels are ideal for road travel due to their lightweight nature and fuel efficiency. Steel wheels offer increased stability for off-road adventures, while forged alloy wheels are versatile for various surfaces.

Yes, steel wheels are an excellent choice for off-road use due to their heavier build and increased stability. They are designed to withstand the challenges of off-beaten paths, making them a reliable option for trucks navigating rugged terrains.

All-purpose tires offer a balance between fuel efficiency and the ability to handle light off-road conditions like gravel and dirt, making them a versatile option for varied use. Off-road tires, including “max traction” and mud tires, are best for navigating challenging terrain but can reduce fuel efficiency and safety on highways. Your choice should align with your truck’s primary use environment and your performance priorities.

For highway driving, our highway tires are engineered for optimal performance over long distances. They’re ideal if you regularly tow trailers, haul campers across the country, or have a lengthy daily commute. These tires are designed to maximize your truck’s fuel efficiency and performance on roadways, making them a top choice for those who spend a lot of time on the asphalt.

Forged alloy wheels are recommended for trucks that navigate a mix of road types. They offer a balance between the lightweight efficiency of cast alloy wheels and the durability of steel wheels, making them suitable for a wide variety of driving conditions.

If you’re interested in exploring specialty tires or want to learn about the newest truck wheels and tires for sale, our team of professionals is here to help. With extensive knowledge of trucks and our local region, we’re ready to offer personalized advice. Bring your truck in for a consultation, and consider scheduling an oil change and maintenance check to ensure your vehicle is in top condition.