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Get the Best Performance Out of Your Truck with Custom Lift Kits

As soon as your truck leaves the safety of the pavement, the power of lift kits becomes clear. It doesn’t take very much in the way of uneven terrain to put the undercarriage of the average pickup truck in grave danger, and many construction/demolition work sites and other offroad environments are full of these types of hazards. The primary functionality of a body lift kit for trucks added to your truck is to allow you to get where you need to go off the beaten path without worrying about damage to your exhaust system, engine components, and other elements between the truck body and the ground.

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Benefits of Lift Kits

If we’re talking about pure functionality, lift kits are designed to give trucks more off-road capability by increasing the space between the vehicle body and the ground, along with all its rocks, debris, and sudden drops that can wreak havoc on the underside of your truck. But lift kits are about more than that–the truth is, they make your truck look awesome! When you pick your truck up from our shop after having a lift kit installed by our seasoned experts, you will absolutely love the way it looks, whether on the road or off it.

lift kits

Types of Lift Kits

Lifting your truck will look very different depending on your needs. Of course, we’ll need to find out from you just how high you want to go. If you spend lots of time driving across unpredictable terrain on work sites, you may just want a little elevation to keep the undercarriage safe from damage. If you plan to go adventuring over the toughest trails and want to make sure you can keep up with the pack, you’ll probably want more height.

Lift kits are also useful for improving your truck’s towing power–ask our experts about customizing your lift kit to match your needs for towing your boat, camper, trailer, or other vehicles.

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Why Choose Us

As with all accessories, modifications, and maintenance for your truck, Trucks and Moore is your resource in the Augusta, GA area for installing lift kits for trucks that you will love. You’ve got a picture in your mind of what the perfect truck looks and drives like, and we are here with the tools and the expertise to make it happen. We can’t wait for you to pay us a visit, introduce us to your truck, and tell us what you envision for it so that we can get you back on the road–or off it–with the truck of your dreams.


Lift Your Truck With Us

Outfitting your truck with a lift kit isn’t a task that you should entrust to just anyone. Why not? Because as long as you drive your truck, the quality of the workmanship that went into your lift kit will play an important part in how long it lasts and how well it performs.

At Trucks & Moore, we’ve been installing truck body lift kits for many years, and our customers love the results! We use high quality materials, we don’t cut corners during the installation process, and most importantly, we have a deep knowledge base to draw from. Having expertise about how a lift kit will perform in different contexts and about truck bodies in general makes us the best choice when you want to add this modification to your truck.

Read on to find answers to your questions about why you might need a lift kit, whether it’s a good fit for your truck, and how our professionals can help with installation and the other accessories you may want to add while your truck is here in our shop. Then give us a call and schedule your appointment at our Augusta, Georgia facility.

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Lift Kits for Work

People add truck body lift kits to their vehicles for different reasons. The main reason, however, is to make it safer and easier to take your truck over difficult terrain. By raising the undercarriage of your truck higher from the ground and using reinforced axles and struts, you give yourself the freedom to drive over bumps and ruts, large rocks, and whatever else might be in the way in an off-road environment without worrying about damaging your exhaust pipes and other parts.

How high does your truck need to be lifted? It all depends on your application. Recreational trails, remote work sites, and off-road camping areas all have their own challenges and call for different lift kit specifics.


Lift Kits for Looks

Let’s be honest: not all truck body lift kits are installed as part of an effort to prepare a truck for hard work on unpredictable terrain. Many of us just love the way our truck looks on the road when it’s lifted! We get it, and we’ll help you visualize what your truck will look like with the various options so that you can get the look you want.

And once your lift kit is installed, you’re likely to think of additional modifications that can make your truck look even better, from new rims to a bed liner to an upgraded exhaust system. You can get it all done by experts here at Trucks & Moore.

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A leveling kit is similar to a lift kit, in that it modifies the infrastructure of your truck in order to get the body higher off the ground. However, the specific purpose of a leveling kit is to get the front of the truck even with the back of the truck–when they are shipped from the factory, most trucks are higher in the back than they are in the front.

The biggest potential issue to keep in mind is that lift kits can have an impact on your truck’s handling. Because the center of gravity on an already heavy vehicle is raised higher, it becomes harder to safely make tight turns on roadways. Ask us about how you can get your truck looking great the way you want it to while also keeping it safe to drive!

Even if all lifted trucks look the same to you, there are different ways to get a truck high off the ground. Truck body lift kits lift only the actual body of the truck, leaving the suspension in the same position. A suspension lift kit, on the other hand, raises the actual suspension system.

Truck body lift kits are very affordable! You can get the look you have in mind by using a body lift kit to raise your truck a few inches, avoiding the high costs of a full suspension lift kit. If your primary purpose is for aesthetics and you don’t plan to drive over heavy terrain on a regular basis, this is most likely the option you should choose.

The wheels and tires you use with your lift kit are largely up to your preference. If your goals are work related, switching to larger tires will give you more clearance from the ground, giving you even more freedom to drive over rocks and unpredictable surfaces. But if you like the look of your original wheels and tires on your lifted truck, that will work as well.

We are a full service truck shop! From advising you on your modifications to a spray-in bed liner to putting on your new tires, you can get all your needs taken care of here at Trucks & Moore.

Truck body lift kits elevate your truck’s frame, offering increased clearance from the ground. This added height is crucial for protecting the undercarriage from damage caused by uneven terrain, common in construction sites and off-road environments. By installing a lift kit, you ensure vital components like the exhaust system and engine are safeguarded against potential hazards, allowing for safer and more effective off-road travel.

By increasing the distance between your truck’s body and the ground, truck body lift kits enhance your vehicle’s ability to navigate through challenging off-road conditions without damaging the undercarriage. This modification not only prevents costly repairs to the exhaust system and engine components but also improves the overall off-road driving experience, allowing you to tackle rough terrain with confidence.

Yes, truck body lift kits are designed to cater to a wide range of off-road activities. Whether you’re navigating through construction and demolition sites, exploring rugged landscapes, or engaging in any form of off-road adventure, a body lift kit provides the necessary clearance to minimize the risk of undercarriage damage. This makes them an essential upgrade for truck owners who frequently encounter uneven terrain and require additional protection for their vehicles.

Truck body lift kits significantly enhance a truck’s off-road capabilities by elevating the vehicle’s body, creating more space between it and the ground. This additional clearance is vital for avoiding rocks, debris, and sudden drops that could damage the underside of your truck. By installing a lift kit, you ensure your vehicle is better equipped to handle challenging off-road terrains, safeguarding it against potential hazards and damage.

Beyond improving off-road functionality, truck body lift kits also have a dramatic impact on your truck’s aesthetics. Installing a lift kit not only prepares your vehicle for rough terrain but also gives it a more imposing and attractive appearance. Many truck owners appreciate the enhanced look that a lift kit provides, making their trucks stand out both on the road and off it. After installation by professionals, you’ll notice a significant improvement in your truck’s overall visual appeal.

The choice of truck body lift kits largely depends on your specific needs and how you use your truck. For those frequently navigating work sites with unpredictable terrain, a modest lift may suffice to protect the undercarriage from damage. However, if you’re into off-road adventures on tough trails and aim to keep pace with others, a higher lift kit might be necessary. It’s essential to determine your desired elevation to select the most suitable lift kit.

Yes, truck body lift kits can be customized to enhance your truck’s towing capabilities. Whether you’re towing a boat, camper, trailer, or other vehicles, a lift kit can provide the additional clearance needed for safe and efficient towing. Consulting with our experts can help you tailor your lift kit to meet your specific towing needs, ensuring your truck is equipped for both performance and safety.

Choosing Trucks & Moore for your truck body lift kit installation ensures you’re getting top-notch workmanship that directly impacts the longevity and performance of your lift kit. With years of experience, our team uses high-quality materials and meticulous installation processes. Our deep understanding of how lift kits perform under various conditions makes us the ideal choice for those seeking expert advice and superior results for their truck modifications in Augusta, Georgia.

At Trucks and Moore, we specialize in understanding your unique vision for the perfect truck. Whether you’re aiming for enhanced aesthetics or improved off-road capability, our team possesses the tools and expertise required to install the ideal truck body lift kits. By discussing your specific desires and requirements, we ensure your truck is customized to suit your lifestyle, whether for the road or rugged off-road adventures.

Our extensive experience with truck body lift kits means we can offer personalized advice on the best lift kit for your specific needs, taking into account how you use your truck and the performance you expect. Our commitment to quality materials and thorough installation processes ensures your truck not only meets but exceeds your expectations for durability and functionality. Trusting Trucks & Moore with your lift kit installation grants you access to unparalleled expertise and a commitment to excellence.

Truck body lift kits are crucial for enhancing off-road safety and capability by elevating your truck’s undercarriage. This additional clearance allows for safe navigation over obstacles like large rocks, bumps, and ruts without risking damage to vital components such as exhaust pipes. Incorporating reinforced axles and struts further ensures your truck is equipped to handle the rigors of difficult terrain, making lift kits an indispensable upgrade for off-road enthusiasts.

The ideal lift height for your truck depends on its intended use and the challenges of the terrain you plan to navigate. Different off-road environments, such as recreational trails, remote work sites, and camping areas, each present unique obstacles. Considering these factors will guide you in choosing a truck body lift kit that provides the necessary clearance and performance enhancements to meet your specific off-road requirements effectively.

Absolutely, many truck owners opt for truck body lift kits not just for off-road capability but also for the enhanced appearance they offer. A lifted truck commands presence and style on the road, and at Trucks & Moore, we understand the appeal. We can assist in visualizing different lift kit options to achieve the exact look you desire for your truck, ensuring it stands out with its elevated stance.

After installing a truck body lift kit, you might consider further customizations to elevate your truck’s aesthetics. Common enhancements include new rims, a spray-in bed liner, and an upgraded exhaust system. These modifications not only enhance the visual appeal of your lifted truck but can also improve performance and functionality. At Trucks & Moore, our experts can guide you through the selection of additional modifications to complete the transformation of your truck.