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lift kits

Get the Best Performance Out of Your Truck with Custom Lift Kits

As soon as your truck leaves the safety of the pavement, the power of lift kits becomes clear. It doesn’t take very much in the way of uneven terrain to put the undercarriage of the average pickup truck in grave danger, and many construction/demolition work sites and other offroad environments are full of these types of hazards. The primary functionality of a body lift kit for trucks added to your truck is to allow you to get where you need to go off the beaten path without worrying about damage to your exhaust system, engine components, and other elements between the truck body and the ground.

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Benefits of Lift Kits

If we’re talking about pure functionality, lift kits are designed to give trucks more off-road capability by increasing the space between the vehicle body and the ground, along with all its rocks, debris, and sudden drops that can wreak havoc on the underside of your truck. But lift kits are about more than that–the truth is, they make your truck look awesome! When you pick your truck up from our shop after having a lift kit installed by our seasoned experts, you will absolutely love the way it looks, whether on the road or off it.

lift kits

Types of Lift Kits

Lifting your truck will look very different depending on your needs. Of course, we’ll need to find out from you just how high you want to go. If you spend lots of time driving across unpredictable terrain on work sites, you may just want a little elevation to keep the undercarriage safe from damage. If you plan to go adventuring over the toughest trails and want to make sure you can keep up with the pack, you’ll probably want more height.

Lift kits are also useful for improving your truck’s towing power–ask our experts about customizing your lift kit to match your needs for towing your boat, camper, trailer, or other vehicles.

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Why Choose Us

As with all accessories, modifications, and maintenance for your truck, Trucks and Moore is your resource in the Augusta, GA area for installing lift kits for trucks that you will love. You’ve got a picture in your mind of what the perfect truck looks and drives like, and we are here with the tools and the expertise to make it happen. We can’t wait for you to pay us a visit, introduce us to your truck, and tell us what you envision for it so that we can get you back on the road–or off it–with the truck of your dreams.