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Thorough Brake Check & Brake Inspection Service

You truck’s most important safety component is the braking system. No matter how strong the engine is performing or the auto body and paint are looking, your vehicle won’t be road ready until the brakes are fully operational. Brake repairs are very important, but they should never catch you off guard. A brake repair need comes with several early warning signs that give you plenty of time to get to Trucks & Moore Service & Accessory Center in Augusta. The earliest notification is something we’ve all heard before; whether it was from the car next to us at a stop light or from our own vehicle. The high-pitched squeal that brakes make when you press them is an early indication that your brakes need professional attention. It’s no reason to panic, but it’s definitely should not be ignored. A brake repair need is definitely in your future. The brakes are designed to squeal as a warning of when the brake pads have worn too low.

Stopping On a Dime–Slowing Down Safely

Don’t be surprised if the early warning signs go unnoticed. You may not hear them because you have the radio turned up or the windows rolled up. Everyone else will hear you coming, but you could still miss noticing the condition of your brakes. It’s a good idea to occasionally drive with your windows down to hear the true condition of your brakes. If you continue to drive with this squealing noise it will eventually turn into a scraping sound, like sand paper. This should lead you directly to Trucks & Moore Service & Accessory Center because the braking system is on the verge of damaging other parts. An expensive brake repair or part replacement can be avoided just by coming to our shop in time. We can handle any brake repair need that you have, but we’d prefer to save you time and money. Come to us early enough and we’ll get you back on the road and back to confident road travel.

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Our highly qualified technicians should be your first call for any of your truck’s brake repair needs. We’ll provide a thorough brake check that lets you know exactly what condition your brakes are in. Is it an emergency? How much time do you have until it is? These questions and more will be answered by our team of experts. We ensure safe road travel and improve driveability with expert brake repair service. Before your brake rotors or other components need to be replaced, be proactive. Let our team have a look as soon as possible. Pay attention to the early warning signs and we’ll handle the rest. All we need is your trust! Truck owners throughout Augusta have placed their precious trucks in our experienced hands. And they’re quick to bring any of their truck’s future repair needs to us. We make the auto repair experience quick and convenient. Give us a call at 706-868-0008 with any questions or concerns that you might have. Let’s discuss how we can take care of your truck’s brake performance today! Stop by next time you’re in the area, we gladly accept all of our walk-ins!